What are the next steps?

No Quick Fixes 

Anyone who thinks they can just spend a few hours watching youtube videos and a few Anti-Social Media channels and take back control. Is going to be very let down, if they think that's how it works.

Get the idea someone is going to do all the work for you right out of your head now!

It is not going to happen, no matter how much money you have and who you think you can pay to do it for you, is not what this is all about.

We have all heard the Remedy Gurus online who boast about, this is the way to do it, that is what you do. Just tell them you are a living man and they will just leave you alone. Really? 

But if you pay me a fee i will do it all for you. We are seeing some remedy gurus charging £5000, and much much more for their miracles. 

There is now even a group who think you can simply Trade Mark your name. Then create a new Limited Company in your name, then send a few letters out to your creditors claiming you basically dont exist any more, as you are now a Limited Company and have no contract with them.

Then we have other groups who simply think you can stop using your Surname/ Family name, put a few hypons between what ever names you decide to use and there you go, all is good and the Crown have no jurisdiction over you. Unfortunately some people really believe this non-sence.

So-called common law courts asking you to Register (give them control over) your private documents. Who are these courts? Have they ever had a win against the existing system? Can anyone show us the evidence? 

Some of these so-called courts even sell an ID Card with no supporting web page, you simply get an SQR code that takes you back to their site Home Page.


  • Complete and comprehend the hundreds of pages of documents that are required.
  • Compile and produce a Private Trust that will be required. Check out The Trust Works 
  • Compile and produce a True Living Will.
  • Travel to a Notary Public to have your documents Notarised with official seals.
  • Produce your coat of Arms and family Seals 
  • Have an independent Mental Health Assessment (which only you can do). That will confirm you have the mental capacity to conduct your affairs should you be challenged by anyone claiming you do not.
  • Being able to conduct yourself in a reasonable manner in both Public and Private situations.  
  • Be able to show you have an understanding/grasp of who you are and what you are in this world.
  • Be able to support and assist others within the group struggling with certain aspects, as you may well need their assistance in other matters at some time during your process.
  • Stop any greed and any self-centred attitude you hold. This is not about making money or taking advantage of the system.

 More to come!