Court Guidence

Establishing the Jurisdiction

When you are at court and you are asked to “state your name” respond only with your first name — “paul” for example, or “your first name followed by your middle name” but never offer your Surname / Family Name —

The Judges, first and most important job is to trick and misslead you into becoming the Trustee - when infact he/she is at this piont. 

The Trustee is liable and pays the Bill.

The usual line is Mr Jones / Good morning Mr Jones, state your name and date of birth for the record.

That matter is the Trust set up by the Crown, whos Agent - the magistrate or judge is acting as the Agent for 

Always try and answer the judge /magistrates question, with another question!

A good responce is Good moring Sir/ Madame: “I can confirm i am here in my Private capacity as princable to address the court “about that matter— this tells the Judge you are here, in your flesh and blood body, as the  Private Natural Person (Principal) ie the living Man/ Woman. 

It is at this time, you could say to the court i have my ID Card with me that confirms i am at court to day in my capacity as the Princapal and Beneficiary of this Private Trust matter.

They will likley go on some sort of rant, raising their voices and trying to intimidate you, even saying things like - We have another Freeman on the Land or the likes?

Simply answer - What is a Freeman on the Land Sir?  Could please explain what that is, or what you mean by that? 

With respect to save any further confusion and court time, may i present you my ID Card. It clearly shows my photo and my status and as you can clearly see it states i am the Princapal. If you care to scan the SQR Code, i have a very detailed web page that clearly and fully sets out my position in this matter. I can provide you the security password if you wish, so you can have time to read my statment and its terms and conditions?

Once again they are likley to go on a mad rant, trying to intimidate you.

You could try saying -

Are you denying me justice here today sir? 

Do you claim to have some sort of Authority over me?

If so who gave it to you? As i certainly have not ?

i have made it very clear that i am AT ( not in ) court to day to deal with the matter?

Never be "in" court always be "at" Court

You must remember the vast majority of these so called judges and majistartes have never ever been challenged. Most people turn up IN Court like Rabbits caught in a cars head lights, totaly startiled / frightened and nervus. They know this and take full advantage of it along with your general lack knowledge of your rights.

A bit like a Bully really.

We 100% do need a law and court system, but the one we have now is out date, and curupt to the core. Most are not real Courts at all but are an Admistrive Place of Buisines. A place to conduct business, a place to procure money for their busines.

Did you know all courts and Police forces are for profit orgainastions listed as business on Dun & Bradstreet. They have company numbers and you in some case can even see the parent company. Most operate under a licence or type of franchise to the Government or Crown Corporation.


A court operates in one of three jurisdictions 

The change of jurisdiction is usually signalled when the judge get up and leaves the court room.

Upon his return he will be in a diffrent jurisdiction altogether. So you need to be very carful and choose your words when he returns.

  • The first court is always Maritine/ Commercial / Adminstrive / Common Law. In this jurisdiction you are looking for the court to offer you REMEDY. 
  • The second wil then be an Admiralty(martial law) in which you wil be looking for CURE and RELIEF.
  • The final court will be Ecclesiastical. Here both of you are play for High Stakes.

When you are now at an ecclesiastical court (cannon law) jurisdiction)... Where the answer is to identify your self in connection with the Creator.

A Judge who violates your sovereignty in this jurisdiction loses his job permanently.

The Ecclesiastical jurisdiction operates with your Title as Creditor to Rome, seen in the Live Birth Record, but there is a higher jurisdiction still, that of a Man in the image of God.

To invoke this jurisdiction, you need to understand the English language, and yet this jurisdiction operates only within Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Method 

This is the “iteration” method when facing any action in one of their courts. You make these three “iterations” as you’re only replies:

“Your Honour, for and on the record of this court, i am the Natural Person, the living man, the blood flows and the flesh lives and i wish for remedy…..” In the first court 

He will have to get up and leave the courtroom. When he comes back. Rember the jurisdiction has changed and they DO NOT tell you.

“Your Honour, just to reiterate, for and on the record of this court, i am the Natural Person, the living man, the blood flows and the flesh lives and i wish for cure and relief.”

He will have to exit again or dismiss outright.

Most judges will dismiss at this point rather than risk the consequences of a final confrontation, but if he comes back for the third time, you reiterate.

i am the Natural Person, the living man, the blood flows and the flesh lives, and we are autonomous. Nothing stands between my self and the Divine Creator of All That Is.”

And there is the final end of the nightmare. He has no further recourse, no other jurisdiction to exercise, and he has to exit — permanently.

That is Estoppel, through either concealment or silence, which means its time for the best bit:

You can the hand the Clerk your Bill of Particulars that presents your fees and Bank details. This obviously needs to be prepared before you turn up at court.

The fees you charge can not be silly, expecting £10,000 for a one hour court hearing, Solicitors and Barristers charge between £250 and £1500 an hour plus costs, transport etc.

It is very, very  important as to ‘whom’, not a ‘what’,… you charge your fees against, you must hit the Man/Woman ‘Who’ is ‘Acting’ in the capacity of a ‘what’, as a Clerk of the Court, Judge-Prosecutor or whomever, just make sure it’s [a] living flesh and blood Man/ Woman.

The CPS may try to set up another case and the Clerk may attempt to assign another Judge, but running afoul in canon law leaves them liable for all they do.

The Vatican issued a Document "Moto Propri" link here to offical vatican website and the actual document, that clearly shows the Vatican has removed all protection from:

a) Members, officials and personnel of the various organs of the Roman Curia, and of the Institutions connected to it.

b) Papal legates and diplomatic personnel of the Holy See.

c) Those persons who serve as representatives, managers or directors, as well as persons who even de facto manage who exercise control over the entities are directly dependent on the Holy See and listed in the registry of canonical juridical persons kept by the Governorate of Vatican City State;

d) Any other person holding an administrative or judicial mandate in the Holy See, permanent or temporary, paid or unpaid, irrespective of that person’s seniority.


Not all judges and magistrates are bad or nasty.

It is just an increasing number have become power mad and crazed with the little authority they claim to have over you. 

Follow the Money  

Have you ever thought how much money one of these Administrive Courts must be making in just one day.

Some courts have 5 to 10 court rooms, so lets say 5 and on average they will hear lets say 6 cases a day? That's 30 hearings. Found guilty say a £300 fine plus victim sercharge £75 (what victum you ask most of the time , especaily in motering offences) so £380 x 30 = Thats £11,400 each day x 5 days a week £57,000 per week.

These places are massive money making machines. Nothing personal they just want you in and out to take your money - the next one please ! 

Every one in that place of business is on the pay roll. There is no emotion or feellings, they do not feel pity for you, or realy care about your finacial situation, they just want  your money.


Motoring Offences 

Please do not think for one minute you are going to walk into court, flash your ID Card and get of with a speeding fine.

You WILL NOT plain and simple. This is not what the Cards and our Society is about.

When you took your Driving Licence, you agreed to [a] contract that you would be allow you to Drive on the highways provided you follow their terms and conditions.

A lot of them are reasonable to be honest, as we can not have any out of control "idiots"  zooming around in their "Scooby Doo Vans"   crashing and damaging other peoples propery.

This why we need insurance, some one who wil pay out if we make a mistake.

We would all love to get away without paying for indemnity (insurance) but we can not really can we? The issue comes when you appear in their court and you get Fined £300 and have points added on your licence.

The simple fact is you have commited an offence, lets say: drivinng with no insurance, wouldn't the idea of making you pay for the insurance rather than fine you  be a better solution?

But remember the court are not there for justice, they are there to take money.


Other Offences 

Once again depending upon the "alleged offence" say breaching the Corona Virus Act 2020 

This is where it starts to get intresting. 

Under Natural Common Law  There must be some form of Loss / Harm or Injury for there to be [a] claim or case.

We are Governed and Policed by consent. The Police and Government are supposed to work for us, but unfortunitly they have appeared to forgot that fact.

The issue is can one single indevidual just stand up and say i DO NOT CONSENT ? Every one is mad but me?

So at what stage and what numbers of people does or would it take to be deemed reasonable to withdraw consent? 

There are many, many millions of people in the UK who do not agree with the whole COVID 19 thing. Then we have who are simply in opposition to this line of thought and simply follow what they see and hear on TV / News papers, beleaving what our Government and MPs tell them without question.

Divide and Conquer

This is the game those in control play. They know through many years of Predictive programing (via our schooling/ so-called education system) the vast majority of people are like sheep. 

You are being controled with some very basic sociological factors (social conditions that affect human behavior). They create the Problem, knowing the already have the Solution. 

Keep adding rules and regulations every year, but let the sheep know you can just pay the fine and it wil all go away...