Frequently Asked Questions

Why would anyone want one of your I.D. cards?
If you are asked to prove your identity by for example a Police Constable acting in the capacity of a POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICER who wants to contract with you and fine the LEGAL PERSON under some Legislation like the Coronavirus Act 2020, the only current I.D. you have is for the LEGAL ARTIFICIAL PERSON who is Crown copyrighted and therefore under the jurisdiction and control of the Crown who will assume that you are willing to act in the capacity of SURETY for any fines made under that Legislation;

Should your PERSON be invited to attend an Administrative Court Hearing, by attending their court they will automatically assume that by attending you are agreeing to stand surety for the “Legal Person”, this ID Card can be produced as factual evidence of your Lawful status should you elected to turn up ( not appear ) AT ( not in ) court as the Living (wo) man;

Why do your I.D. cards have a Flag on them?
Law of the Flag. In maritime law, its the law of that nation or country whose flag is flown by a particular vessel, If you present an ID Card with a Union Jack on it, then you are confirming you stand under the Jurisdiction that the flag represents;
I’ve seen other alternative I.D. cards that have a Union Jack Flag on them. Why doesn’t yours have the Union Jack on it too?
When a shipowner sends his vessel into a foreign port, he gives notice by his flag to all who enter into contracts with the master that he intends the law of that flag to regulate such contracts, and that they must either submit to its operation or not contract with him. [Ruhstrat v. People, 185 III.]. Therefore, if you put a Union Jack Flag on the cards (contract vessel) you are putting any contracts under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Corporation;
Why do you use the “Flag of God” on the cards?
Because the Flag on the card (Flag of the vessel) is the Flag of God, you are putting it under the jurisdiction of God and God’s Law is Natural Law and NOT Legislation of the United Kingdom Corporation;
Why do you use “House” instead of a family name?
Because the term “House” is synonymous with “Family” and because your flesh and blood body is the House of the living God (Spirit) which inhabits your body [Think House of Windsor];
Why do your I.D. cards have “Borne” date and not Date of Birth?
Because Maritime Vessel’s (plus the property onboard) are Birthed and living flesh men and women are Borne
Why do you use the French spelling “Borne” with an “E” rather than just “Born”?
Borne is just like born, the past participle of the verb bear, which means (among other things) “to contain” or “to give birth to”. At first, borne and born were variant spellings of the same adjective but like the Old English spelling “Bourn” it also means “Stream”. ie. Stream of Consciousness that flows from the God Head to you;
I’ve seen various terms of service from other websites that state if you upload information or pictures, then they become the property of that website. Do you retain my details as yours?
No. Any and all information supplied by you is put on “Record” and remains your exclusive property, we do not Register (give away or claim) what is your God-given right;
Why do you put the statement on the back of the I.D. cards?
If you have been stopped by the POLICE, and they are trying to enforce “Legislative Acts”, “Regulations”, or “Guidance” such as the Coronavirus Act 2020, and they are insisting that you provide them with your details [a.k.a. the identity of your LEGAL PERSON], then they are trying to get into joinder (contract) with “you”;

We have seen these POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, becoming increasingly aggressive towards the Public and it can sometimes be intimidating and you might forget what to say;

Stay calm and polite at all times and just show them your “True Identity” card, which has the pre-scripted statement for them to read. If you have your smartphone or camera with you? Film it, and if they ask why you are filming it just say you have the right to do so, and it’s for both yours and their protection;

If they insist on pushing matters, just remember your right to silence and tell them to scan the QR code on the card, which will take them to your Private Members page, that has the pre-scripted statement along with your fee schedule if they still wish to “do business with you”, (so no need to carry any other paperwork!);

Always stay respectful, even if they are trying to intimidate you by raising voices and using threats and duress. They NEED you to “Confess” to being the Crown Copyrighted LEGAL FICTION/ PERSON (their property), so that the living man or woman can stand as SURETY, for any fines and encumbrances, they place upon “your PERSON” (a.k.a. the “Company”);

Remember: Always abide by the law of the land, never cause another living man or woman any harm, loss, injury, or fraud. Treat others the same way you want them to treat you...

Why do your I.D. cards have a QR Code on them?
When you scan the QR code on your card it will take you directly to your private profile page on our website that contains a statement clearly stating that you are not willing to act in the capacity of SURETY for the LEGAL PERSON (FICTION);
What happens if i move house and change my address and i need to update my card details? or i have lost my card and need a replacement?
Contact us with your updated details and we will amend them on your personal page and send out a replacement card. The fee for this is £10.00 including p+p;
Why do your I.D. cards say: “Certificate of Identity of the Principal”?
Because you are the Principal. If there was no Principal, there could be no Crown copyrighted LEGAL FICTION. The Principal (living man/ woman) comes first, Period, the Principal is the beneficiary, you do NOT want to be the Trustee – The Trustee ought to Pay;
Does this mean I do not like the Police?
No… Far from it. We all need and want Law and Order and the Police are a major part of this which we fully respect and support, when they are acting in the capacity of Police Constables acting under their Oath of Office and Keeping the Queen’s Peace;

However, like many other people of the country, we are fully aware that the forty-three (43) Police Forces in England and Wales are now Private for Profit CORPORATIONS, that make huge sums of money by acting as judge, jury, and executioner in their own cause handing out fines and working in cooperation with unlawful Administrative Magistrates courts which are again, Private for Profit CORPORATIONS, that have been corrupted by the love of power and money…

Do you have a list of Police complaint's email addresses?

Avon and Somerset Constabulary: professionalstandardsdepartment@avonand ...


Bedfordshire Police:


Cambridgeshire Constabulary:


Cheshire Constabulary:


City of London Police:


Cleveland Police:


Cumbria Constabulary:


Derbyshire Constabulary:


Devon & Cornwall Constabulary:


Dorset Police: complaints&


Durham Constabulary:


Dyfed Powys Police:


Essex Police:


Gloucestershire Constabulary: ProfessionalStandardsDepartment@glouces ...


Greater Manchester Police:


Gwent Police:


Hampshire Constabulary:


Hertfordshire Constabulary:


Humberside Police:


Kent Police:


Lancashire Constabulary:


Leicestershire Constabulary:


Lincolnshire Police:


Merseyside Police:


Metropolitan Police:


Norfolk Constabulary:


North Wales Police:


North Yorkshire Police:


Northamptonshire Police:


Northumbria Police:


Nottinghamshire Police:


South Wales Police:


South Yorkshire Police:


Staffordshire Police:


Suffolk Constabulary:


Surrey Police:


Sussex Police:


Thames Valley Police:


Warwickshire Police: professionalstandards@warwickshireandwe ...


West Mercia Police:


West Midlands Police:


West Yorkshire Police:


Wiltshire Constabulary:



The story of how everyone has a “Strawman” created for them at birth, and how it is used to collect revenue for your government. This highly informative lecture on the Occult Art of Law will give you an in-depth view of how the Crown Corporation have taken your Rights and Property away and how you have been “Bonded” and your LEGAL NAME has been licensed back so you can act as the SURETY, for the depts created by the Crown Corporation;

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