Frequently Asked Questions

Why would anyone want one of your I.D. cards?
If you are asked to prove your identity by for example a Police Constable acting in the capacity of a POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICER who wants to contract with you and fine the LEGAL PERSON under some Legislation like the Coronavirus Act 2020, the only current I.D. you have is for the LEGAL ARTIFICIAL PERSON who is Crown copyrighted and therefore under the jurisdiction and control of the Crown who will assume that you are willing to act in the capacity of SURETY for any fines made under that Legislation;

Should your PERSON be invited to attend an Administrative Court Hearing, by attending their court they will automatically assume that by attending you are agreeing to stand surety for the “Legal Person”, this ID Card can be produced as factual evidence of your Lawful status should you elected to turn up ( not appear ) AT ( not in ) court as the Living (wo) man;

Why do your I.D. cards have a Flag on them?
Law of the Flag. In maritime law, its the law of that nation or country whose flag is flown by a particular vessel, If you present an ID Card with a Union Jack on it, then you are confirming you stand under the Jurisdiction that the flag represents;
I’ve seen other alternative I.D. cards that have a Union Jack Flag on them. Why doesn’t yours have the Union Jack on it too?
When a shipowner sends his vessel into a foreign port, he gives notice by his flag to all who enter into contracts with the master that he intends the law of that flag to regulate such contracts, and that they must either submit to its operation or not contract with him. [Ruhstrat v. People, 185 III.].

Therefore, if you put a Union Jack Flag on the cards (contract vessel) you are putting any contracts under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Corporation. We have been informed of certain group calling them selves  "Common Law Courts"  ;

Why do you use the “Flag of God” on the cards?
Because the Flag on the card (Flag of the vessel) is the Flag of God, you are putting it under the jurisdiction of God and God’s Law is Natural Law and NOT Legislation of the United Kingdom Corporation;
Why do you use “House” instead of a family name?
Because the term “House” is synonymous with “Family” and because your flesh and blood body is the House of the living God (Spirit) which inhabits your body [Think House of Windsor];
Why do your I.D. cards have “Borne” date and not Date of Birth?
Because Maritime Vessel’s (plus the property onboard) are Birthed and living flesh men and women are Borne
Why do you use the French spelling “Borne” with an “E” rather than just “Born”?
Borne is just like born, the past participle of the verb bear, which means (among other things) “to contain” or “to give birth to”. At first, borne and born were variant spellings of the same adjective but like the Old English spelling “Bourn” it also means “Stream”. ie. Stream of Consciousness that flows from the God Head to you;
I’ve seen various terms of service from other websites that state if you upload information or pictures, then they become the property of that website. Do you retain my details as yours?
No. Any and all information supplied by you is put on “Record” and remains "your exclusive property", we do not Register (give away or claim) what is your God-given right.

There are a number of groups calling themselves common law courts. That allows you to Register (give away) your information to them, some say Register your birth certificate with us, Register your Car and even your Business with them.

Ask yourself who are these people actually? where are your details being kept? who has access to them? what can they do with my details? 

People appear to be far too quick to give away their information to, basically, a faceless website and group that has Zero Evidence of actually achieving anything in reality.

Giving people false hope "Hopium" is very misleading and morally wrong. Misleading you by insinuating by just filling in  a form in on a website and you will be free from the system that controls us is factually incorrect and very wrong to say so.;

Why do you put the statement on the back of the I.D. cards?
If you have been stopped by the POLICE, and they are trying to enforce “Legislative Acts”, “Regulations”, or “Guidance” such as the Coronavirus Act 2020, and they are insisting that you provide them with your details [a.k.a. the identity of your LEGAL PERSON], then they are trying to get into joinder (contract) with “you”;

We have seen these POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, becoming increasingly aggressive towards the Public and it can sometimes be intimidating and you might forget what to say;

Stay calm and polite at all times and just show them your “True Identity” card, which has the pre-scripted statement for them to read. If you have your smartphone or camera with you? Film any interaction, request they have their personal Body Camera switched on as you will require a copy of that recording. If they ask why you are filming it just say you have the lawful right to do so, and it’s for both yours and their protection, do they have anything to hide or say that is not lawful, as my filming will prove how both you and myself have interacted;

If they insist on pushing matters, just remember your right to silence. Ask the " Do You Have The Right To Remain Silent ? " tell them to scan the QR code on the card, which will take them to your Private Members page, that has the pre-scripted statement along with your fee schedule if they still wish to “do business with you”, (so no need to carry any other paperwork!). Try and remember your password as this will be required to open the webpage. There are 2 boxes that need to be ticked - 1 Shows your password 2 - Confirms they agree with the terms and conditions. Make sure it is made clear to the individual who is requesting your information that they are agreeing to your terms. This must be heard on either your camera recording or theirs. This is why it is vital to record every interaction and every request they make. ;

Always stay respectful, even if they are trying to intimidate you by raising voices and using threats and duress. They NEED you to “Confess” to being the Crown Copyrighted LEGAL FICTION/ PERSON (their property), so that the Natural Private Person /  living man or woman can stand as SURETY, for any fines and encumbrances, they place upon “your PERSON” (a.k.a. the “Company”);

Remember: Always abide by the law of the land, never cause another Private living man or woman any harm, loss, injury, or fraud. Treat others the same way you want them to treat you, even the Police ...

Why do your I.D. cards have a QR Code on them?
When you scan the QR code on your card it will take you directly to your private profile page on our website that contains a statement clearly stating that you are not willing to act in the capacity of SURETY for the LEGAL PERSON (FICTION). An additional security feature has now been set up so you WILL need to supply a password to open your page.

This extra security can be used to support your standing as when requested by anyone claiming "authority" over you, they will agree to the terms and conditions;

Are You the Common Law Courts?
No - We are not associated with any sort of so-called common law court. We urge people to do some due diligence on websites claiming to offer you remedy by registering (giving away) your details to them.

Ask yourself who exactly are they?  Do you have the address of their Court House?Or a contact phone number? A true natural common law court is set up by local individual men and women for the sole purpose of passing judgment on any wrongdoings;

What happens if i move house and change my address and i need to update my card details? or i have lost my card and need a replacement?
Contact us, letting us know you have changed the details by logging into your account. Simple things like changing photos and your address can be done from within that page on our website. your updated details and we will amend automatically on your personal page. The fee for this is £25.00 including p+p to UK , we will need to send you a payment request as the site is not set up for this.

You can however change most of your details including photo by using your login details and enter your password;

Why do your I.D. cards say: “Certificate of Identity of the Principal”?
Because you are the Principal. If there was no Principal, there could be no Crown copyrighted LEGAL FICTION. The Principal (living man/ woman) comes first, Period, the Principal is the beneficiary, you do NOT want to be the Trustee – The Trustee ought to Pay;
Does this mean I do not like the Police?
No… Far from it. We all need and want Law and Order and the Police are a major part of this which we fully respect and support when they are acting in the capacity of Police Constables acting under their Oath of Office and Keeping the Queen’s Peace;

You must remember most, the vast majority of Police do NOT have a Clue about the Law, nor the difference between a "Police Constable" and a "Police Officer". With respect, they do tend to be of an average of below intelligence.

They DO NOT question what their superiors tell them, mainly in fear of their very highly paid salary and massive pensions.

Most just do as they're TOLD, a bit like Hitlers Troops did when Killing millions of innocent people ( just doing their job). do not expect a Police Officer to help you, they are not there to help only enforce Government amd their own forces policies.

However a True Police Constable shoul dbe able to assit / protect and serve you  

We are fully aware that the forty-three (43) Police Forces in England and Wales are now Private for Profit CORPORATIONS, that make huge sums of money by acting as judge, jury, and executioner in their own cause handing out fines and working in cooperation with unlawful Administrative Magistrates courts which are again, Private for Profit CORPORATIONS, that have been corrupted by the love of power and money…

Entering your details?
When entering your details onto our site Please Please take your time and use the correct spelling for your - Email - Name and Address.

  • If your name is John Barry Jones. Then do not write "john barry jones? You need to capitalise the first word so it looks better when displayed both on your ID Card and on the website.
  • We are getting many people contacting us saying they have multiple names eg  John-Barry-Paul-Dave-Sunflower-Pigtail of the Jones-Murphy previously of the Clann of Toenails ( its a joke but we do get them I can assure you).

The law is very clear the name you Register at Birth is your Sir name or Family name. If you get married and it is registered then your name has been changed on their Register so your new Sir / Family name is the Last one you Registered- plan and simple. The Last Sir / Family Name you registered with the Crown.

  • Then we get people who have been adopted. They may have been bourne with the name - Jones ( on their certificate of Birth ) but then for whatever reason have been adopted. Now unless your name has been changed with the Register, no matter what you call your self it is NOT your real sir /family name. So unless you have a certificate of Registration confirming your change of name then you need to use your original Birth sir/family name.

If you get married then once again very simple you have had your sir/family name re-registered and that is your sir/family name until you have it officially re-registered. It makes no difference to us the fact you got divorced /separated or whatever. You need to use your married sir/family name until you officially change it on their register. The simple fact you decided to revert back to your maiden name means zero in Law.

  • Facts matter unless you officially changed it back it is what it says on their Register.

Keep it simple, we simply do not have the time to get involved in long-winded arguments about your name. You put down whatever you want it is your choice but we have told you.

  • To summarise: One or Two first names and one single sir /family name - Simple - Nothing else.

Once you place your order and payment has been made, a few days later we will start to process your order.

If we do not receive a payment within 7 days all your details will be removed from our system, so if you wish to proceed again you will need to complete the whole process again.

It will take around 2 to 8 weeks (sometimes much sooner sometimes longer ) for you to receive your FREE card as they are all produced on an individual basis. Please do not start asking where your card is until at least 38 days has passed as it takes so much time to respond to unnesasery emails. You are paying for an anual membership NOT the Card.

A special SQR code must be produced that directs to your personal web page that includes a lot of lawful information and statements that will support you.

Your photo must be inserted along with your address ( please check out entering your details correctly) This all takes time.

Once completed we will be sending your card by way of Royal Mail Recorded Delivery ( signed for ) to ensure you receive it;

Stopped by Police when Driving
If you  are stoped by a Police Constable / Officer while Driving or in Control of a Motor Vehicle you are required to provide ID plain and simple. Why because you signed the Road Traffic Act in which you agreed if they provide you with a Driving Licence to use their Roads / Highways, you agree to ID your self.

Our system and its Card is NOT designed to get you out of road traffic offences such as: speeding / no insurance / MOT / Un Road Worthy Vehicle or the likes.

To think so is simply very irrisponsable and simply an abuse of the facility we offer for our members.

Untill you or we own our own Roads / Highways and have a system such as Insurance ( to compensate those you may injure by your actions ) then act in such a manner that you do not need to be pulled over by the Police ect.

Setting Your Password
When you first join up you be automatically sent a random password by our system. We do not know this so please do not ask us for it, is it will be encrypted into our database.

We strongly suggest you reset your password to something you can remember as it will be needed to access your personal web page that contains all the lawful information.

We password the pages so ONLY people you want to see your data can view it, due to the fact it contains a lot of your personal confidential information. Home Address Post Code and Picture. 

Uploading Your Photo
When you upload your photo image make sure is as clear as possible - similar to the one you would need to provide for a passport.

It really needs to have a plain background, pref white.

We will not accept blared / fuzzy/funny ( bunny ears ) (ribbons and bows) (pixilated) it simply makes you and the whole idea of the card look childish.

Ideally, your face needs to fill most of the screen so we do not need your dog/cat/goldfish or best mate included in the image, please.

You are able to change your image in the management side of your account, please do not keep asking us to make image changes as we simply do not have the time for this.

So if you are having a bad hair day? Then leave it until your hair and makeup are how you want it before uploading pictures.

Once your card has been printed that is what you get unless you purchase another card.

You can however change the image on your personal home page, using your password to log in;

Do You Offer Legal Advice
No. We are NOT legally trained or Licenced to do so, as the Legal system in the UK has been, taken over and controlled by the private-owned BAR Guild /and its foot soldiers ( Solicitors and Barristers).

Basically, the so-called Law in the UK is based upon the "12 Presumpions of Law", they presume a lot of things, so that unless you rebut ( challenge them what they claim stands as fact).

A Roman Court does not operate according to any true rule of law but by presumptions of the law.

Therefore, if presumptions presented by the private Bar Guild are not rebutted they become fact and are therefore said to stand true. There are twelve (12) key presumptions asserted by the private Bar Guilds which if unchallenged stand true being Public Record, Public Service, Public Oath, Immunity, Summons, Custody, Court of Guardians, Court of Trustees, Government as Executor/Beneficiary, Executor De Son Tort, Incompetence, and Guilt

Do You Supply Cards Outside the UK
The simple answer is NO at this present time.

There are a number of reasons for this.

  • The cost of recorded Delivery Postage outside the Uk! At present, it physically costs us around £4 in postage and that covers the cost of envelope /printing the covering letter and paying Royal Mail for their service. This is not including any of our personal time putting all this stuff together, travelling to the Post Office and going through the whole Recorded Mail Process.
  • We have the physical cost of producing the ID Card. They are double-sided printed onto the highest quality plastic cards we can get our hands on. We have seen some ID Cards that are basically thick paper with a thin laminate covering claiming to be Plastic. Each Card is produced to a very high standard, an individual SQR Code needs creating along with a web page, containing all your details and photo. We pay a little over £15 to a guy who produces the individual cards for us, and lastly covers them with a fine security film. 
  • Then we have to pay our website programmer, as this is a bespoke website, a fully made to order site that needs constant tweaking during its infancy. Programmers do not come cheap but ours has agreed to help out and takes payment as and when we receive income.

So as you can clearly see we are not in this for the money we can assure you.

What we are doing is just the start of a long process of taking back control of our real selves, working within the existing system, (yes the corrupt one) letting them know who and what we are ( the principal and beneficiary ) in a Trust / Company / Situation that was created without full legal and lawful disclosure, using us as collateral to pay depts and commitments to private money lenders.

As every country has its own individual so-called laws ( actually acts / statutes/codes/regulations) created by private companies/corporations,  masquerading as Governments.

We are working on making our service available to other commonwealth / Uk associated countries.

Below are some of the issues we need to deal with.

  • Researching and understanding how the local laws/acts/codes/regulations work in your country?
  • Working out the most efficient way for delivering the ID Cards to your country?
  • Researching the Flags that operate in your country ( Gods Flag works everywhere) but some people want something that represents them in their country.
  • Try to get people to read the information we produce on the website, trying to stop people passing on and using,  old outdated information, mainly miss information they have seen on a youtube video or on Anti Social Media.
  • Spreading the word to like-minded individuals worldwide.


The story of how everyone has a “STRAWMAN” created for them at birth, and how it is used to collect revenue for your government. This highly informative lecture on the Occult Art of Law will give you an in-depth view of how the Crown Corporation have taken your Rights and Property away and how you have been “Bonded” and your LEGAL NAME has been licensed back so you can act as the SURETY, for the depts created by the Crown Corporation;

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