The UK is Bankrupt

In 1933, all nations involved in the First World War were declared bankruptcy.


This included the United States of America which was brought into the First World War as a payback to the British incorporated Government.



What we call government today is in fact an incorporated entity, that means that because they are corporations:

1] they can no longer represent you an Autonomous Private living man/woman, due to the fact the Council / Government has changed Jurisdiction, they have shifted from a realm of laws to a realm of commercial legislation, controlled by the UCC and for the movement of the cargo, coming under Shipping, (UPU) this they call the Legal System.

However, they enthusiastically keep up an act in which they work very hard at to convince you that they represent you, while knowing the contrary to be fact.

That makes them liars from the minute they join the Council/ Government.

The position is in Controversy, and any and all organisations of men/women that cover this fact are also in Controversy, including the Judiciary.

The Judiciary cover up the scam and if you demand full disclosure as it relates to the use of DOG-LATIN, today called American Sign Language, they run out of court.

They do that because of the fact, in the paperwork they are using two languages, therefore they run out of court for one of two reasons,

  • Concealment of the facts
  • And or the right to Silence.

Unfortunatly they are very Dishonest.

For these reasons alone you must NEVER TRUST the Government or its Agents of the Crown.

With respect most people employed by these corporations do not have a single clue what is realy going on. A nice steady wage and promise of an index linked fat pension, by just doing what they are told.

Only the people at the very top of the food chain realy know what is going on.

A member of our team was present during a court hearing with HMRC in relation to a Banruptcy case. The man involved was very clever and requested a hearing after had been made bancrupt, dispite objecting, requesting certain infomation. Such as Forensic Accounting to GAAP standards.

HMRC were never able to produce the so-called accounts. Thinking about it now some 6 years later !

How could they produce accounts because they are BanKrupt themselves!

During the court hearing HMRC Barrister was asked would he signed a "statutory declaration" to confirm that the claim being made by HMRC was True and Correct as they have been unwilling to produce any accounts as requested .

He refused to Sign It  

For there to be a dept, there must be [a] Loss of some sort

Full accounting would clearly show that loss, would it not ?

They will never admit, nor show any form of accounting, as it would expose them as being Bankrupt and [a] Bankrupt by their own system is not allowed to Trade or Make money without the Offical Reciver (The Trustee) agreeing to it and then taking any money from them to pay the Crediters.

Their big problem is WE are the Crediters along with the Private Rothchild and Vatican Banks to whom they were tricked into lending so called money from, but they have been using us The Private Natural People as their security to pay the intrest by enforcing TAX and DUTIES.

Sneaky aren't they???