Affidavit of the Principal - Coming Soon!


This Affidavit will form part of the lawful process of putting the Crown Corporation and its rogue Agents on Public Notice of your Status as the Private Natural Living Man or Woman, who is the principal and ultimate beneficiary in due course  ;

Your affidavit will be clearly stating that the natural person / living man or woman is NOT and WILL NOT be standing as the SURETY for the Crown Copyright Legal Fiction Mr. John Doe and any depts created in its name;

As you can see, this is NOT the Complete Document with a lot of content and areas redacted and it will require you to fill out your information in the mandatory fields so that you can download it in ready to print format;

There will be an additional charge for this document, as it is highly complex, being compiled and set out to the highest standards, that includes all the necessary information in the correct places.

You may find lots of templates of so-called "Affidavits" online for nothing, please feel free to use them if you so wish, but do not complain or blame us if it is challenged or rejected by the Legal System.

If you require any other ready “done for you” documents such as Non-Consent to mandatory vaccinations, Non-Consent to closing your business, Confirmation of Status etc, you can find a number of ready done template Notices on The Albion Gazette where you can also post the ready to publish documents or create and post your own documents either way for a set fee;