Here is a sample of the Affidavit of the Principal - Coming Soon!


This Affidavit will form part of the lawful process of putting the Crown Corporation and its rogue Agents on Public Notice of your Status as the Private Natural Living Man or Woman, who is the principal and ultimate beneficiary in due course  ;

Your affidavit will be clearly stating that the natural person / living man or woman is NOT and WILL NOT be standing as the SURETY for the Crown Copyright Legal Fiction Mr. John Doe and any depts created in its name;

As you can see, this is NOT the Complete Document with a lot of content and areas redacted and it will require you to fill out your information in the mandatory fields so that you can download it in ready to print format;

There will be an additional charge for this document, as it is highly complex, being compiled and set out to the highest standards, that includes all the necessary information in the correct places.

You may find lots of templates of so-called "Affidavits" online for nothing, please feel free to use them if you so wish, but do not complain or blame us if it is challenged or rejected by the Legal System.

If you require any other ready “done for you” documents such as Non-Consent to mandatory vaccinations, Non-Consent to closing your business, Confirmation of Status etc, you can find a number of ready done template Notices on The Albion Gazette where you can also post the ready to publish documents or create and post your own documents either way for a set fee;



Deponent: John-Henry: Doe

In Care of: 32 The Street,

Any-town, Great Britain





To whom it may concern, including (but not limited to) any and all persons, bodies, associations, corporations, trusts, agents, contractors, occupants, surrogates, claimants and interested parties;


Date: xx/xx/20xx




i : John-Henry: Doe, the flesh and blood living man, am over the age of consent, i am the creation of God-Almighty and follower of Gods laws first and foremost, and the laws of man when they are not in conflict (Leviticus 18:3,4). Pursuant to Matthew 5:33-37 and James 5:12, let my yea be yea, and my nay be nay, as supported by Law;


  1. i have personal knowledge of the matters stated herein and hereby asseverate, understanding both the spiritual and legal liabilities of, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”;

  2. i am the flesh and blood living man, and one of the People of England, being the creation of God and domiciled in one of Englands County’s;

  3. i am, the living, breathing, sentient being on the land, the Natural creation of God and therefore am not and cannot be any ARTIFICIAL PERSON or stand as Surety xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and requirements, as such pursuant to any process, code, acts or statutes, or any colour of law thereof;

  4. In England, the authority of any, and all governments xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, for government is just the fiction of the mind and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the People, for the benefit of the People, and to secure the individual God

  5. As the matter of their lawful compliance to natural common law, any of the People, while functioning in any Public capacity, in return for the trust of the people, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx delineated in accordance thereof, shall only do so pursuant to some lawfully designated, and sworn and subscribed Oath of Office xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thereof;
  6. The only court authorised by natural common law to hear matters of the real People is the Court that conforms and functions in accordance with natural common law in which all Officers of the court abide by their sworn and subscribed Oaths of Office and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx due process of Law;
  7. Pursuant to the supreme Law of the Land and the God-given Rights secured and guaranteed therein, the Natural Law is established to ensure the dominion granted by God to all People, on this land, shall endure, and ensure forever that the People on this land be free from any, and all slaveryxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of any other type;
  8. xxxx   the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx laws xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. If any of the parties given Notice by means of this Affidavit cannot provide the above mentioned valid contract that binds the natural XXXXXXXX  : John-Henry of the House: Doe, as XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to coerce or trick me into acting as SURETY in place of the person who ought to then it will be deemed and construed by all interested and affected parties as involuntary Servitude / XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX International Laws

Lots and lots more in this document over 5 pages in total 

It will be required to be correctly witnessed and served correctly to all affected parties involved in the matter for it to be effective.