Private common law I.D. Cards

This Private Members Association provides Lawful Identity to those individual Men and Women who wish to separate their Private and Public lives.

After joining our private members only association for £25.00 per year, your Private web page will be live straight after which gives you the Lawfull infomation you need and will be avaliable to support you 24/7/365.

Simply use the search facility on top right of website enter your name or I.D. number. This will then open a password protected page, enter your password which will allow you access to your support page. See Sample Click Here 

A few weeks later we will supply you a FREE quality Plastic ID Card with a Photo Likeness of the Private Natural Man/Woman so you can be clearly Identified in your Lawful capacity as “The Principal”, then, if you are ever asked for I.D. you can produce the Certificate of Identity of the Principal card, this reserves your rights and prevents any claim being laid that you failed to provide I.D.;

Case Law on Consent: “There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowman without his consent” – CRUDEN v. NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70





Produce Your ID

Available online 24/7/365 by simply scanning the QR Code on your natural common law ID Card, it will open up your individual personal home page complete with your full details, including your Lawfull statement of Rights and your fee schedule...


Photo Evidence

Personal Photo Card to Prove your True Identity as the Principal and Private Natural Person a.k.a. Living Man / Woman...


Non Corporate

Confirmation that i am NOT the CROWN COPYRIGHTED CORPORATE PERSON / LEGAL ENTITY. I am the Principal and True Beneficiary...


Plastic I.D. Card and personal online profile page

After placing your order and paying the initial fee of £25.00, you will receive the below two (2) items:

Item 1: A Free Double-sided plastic Private Person - natural common law identity card. 

Side 1: It will have your photo and details clearly identifying the Private man or woman (not the Crown copyrighted LEGAL FICTION), it and has a scannable QR code (that takes you to your personal profile page (item 2));

When ordering there will be an option to choose different Flags, the one you see on the sample I.D. Card is the Flag "St Georges Cross" but unless you select your chosen flag it will default to the Flag of God, as there is No Higher Authority than Gods Law;

Note: The Flag you operate under is known as the Law of the Flag and demonstrates and confirms the jurisdiction you are operating under. If for example if you have the Union Jack Flag (that is owned by the Crown corporation), then you are giving notice that any contracts are governed under the laws and jurisdiction of the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION.

Side 2: Your I.D. card has the pre-scripted statement for any Government agents wishing to “do business” with your LEGAL PERSON and serves to put them on Notice of your terms of the contract;

Item 2: Annual access to your personal profile page on our website that clearly states who you really are and gives any interested parties Notice of your terms of contract, and also has the built-in fee schedule with the clear statement for the POLICE (or any other Government Agent) who is attempting to get you into joinder (contract) so that it is made clear to them from the offset that, you are NOT standing in the capacity of the SURETY (the debtor) for the Crown Corporations Liabilities;

We are a Private Members Only Association with an Annual Membership Fee of £25.00 per year.



Plastic I.D. Card and personal online profile page



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The story of your enslavement

“The Crown Corporation has copyrighted your name and "assigned" it back to you so you can act as the SURETY for any debt"...

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